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A small red house sits atop our Rancheria Cattle Ranch. Nature has made its mark on the old house, but it still stands as a testament to California’s Ranching Heritage. We honor the traditions of the families that came before us and understand the privilege of working with the land. Our Redhouse process is thoughtful and respectful, from the nutritional breakdown of our soil and grass, to the low-stress environment our herds and flocks enjoy, to the way we value the whole animal for a pristine culinary experience.

Our holistic point of view means that we know a thing or two about science, producing and ranching. We are in control of the full life-cycle of our product, starting with the genetics of our cattle to the nutritional breakdown of the grass they graze on. We select the best to nurture and keep their best interests in mind in a low-stress and comfortable environment.

Any product you get from the Redhouse family will be one handled with care, packed with flavor and of the highest quality.




We believe that it comes down to two things - the way we steward the Earth and the way we steward our animals.

We honor the land through sustainable farming practices, curating the best grass blend that not only works well in our Central Valley soil, but helps our animals grow and finish well.

We value the full life-cycle of our product. Quality and welfare are kept at the utmost standard.



We are a collective, ranchers, researchers, nutritionists and medium-rare filet affectionatos. We are stewards of our land, our animals and our products.

Our Redhouse family, whether by blood or through business, believe that great thought and respect deliver the best possible products to enjoy.