Curated for flavor

Vegetables, fresh sourdough, beans, spices + more. All prepared and curated by our Redhouse family to bring quality products to your table. Any product you get from the Redhouse family will be one handled with care, packed with flavor and of the highest quality.



Our whole, pasture-raised chicken roams our grass and rotate through fresh pasture daily with lots of sunshine and fresh air which gives them a rich and robust flavor.

We also carry pastured eggs with the brightest, richest colored yolk you’ve ever seen. You’ll taste the difference.

Our pasture-raised pork provision was carefully selected and is raised responsibly by our extended Redhouse family.




Grown, tended and harvested in our rich soil, we offer fresh, vibrant and flavorful vegetable packs to make you almost forget about cooking up some meat.



from the pantry

Our whole ranch shop is filled with quality provisions from the Redhouse family to compliment every product we carefully create.

Each of our provision contributors holds the same values as Redhouse and delivers a quality product for your table.

Beans, quinoa, bone broth, salts, bread and even chocolate plus a whole lot more are on our shelves. We even have some Redhouse gear for you sport around town or on grilling days.

Check out our online shop to see all of our provisions + extended family members or stop by the Redhouse Ranch shop.



We’ve partnered with extended members of the Redhouse family to curate a custom seasonal box to ignite your inner chef. Every season, we'll craft a new box with exclusive offerings + local collaborations.